About Us

Welcome to Weirdly Sensational!

Motivational, Inspirational & Momentary Dark Truth
Weirdly Sensational was founded in June 2023 to offer some support and understanding, motivation, inspiration, and a light-hearted approach to the momentary darks truths we face daily when living with a hidden disability.
We are ALWAYS explaining ourselves. Always. It's exhausting, embarrassing and sometimes hurtful when the people around you can't understand us.
We live with a mix of funky symptoms that can seem a bit weird and misunderstood sometimes.
There are so many people out there that are living with a hidden disability like you. I decided I was going to design some clothing and home items, so you could wear your weirdness with pride, break down barriers, challenge preconceptions, promote understanding and acceptance, and facilitate communication.
We are weirdly sensational in our own way and I'm proud of us. I'm proud of how much we have achieved and how we are surviving in a world designed for "normal" people.
Be proud of you and accept who you are. Don't water yourself down for ANYONE!! We can be Weirdly Sensational together!!!
You may notice, all clothing text is in yellow print. This is to represent two separate yellow awareness ribbons:
  • The suicide awareness ribbon, in memory of my Dad.
  • The sarcoma awareness ribbon, in memory of my cousin Kate.